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Party Walls Disputes

Walls and boundaries are important as they separate different premises. There are several types of boundaries such as party walls, boundary wall, retaining wall and building faces.

Why are they important?

It is very important to understand the meaning of these boundaries and understand the underlying laws. A party wall is a wall within a building that separates two properties and creates a boundary between them.

What Does it do?

It is basically a wall that stands in the land of two or more people and is a part of a building. It could also be fenced separating two pieces of lands which means it is on neither of the owners’ land. See our FAQs!

How Do They Differ?

A party wall could also be a wall on an individual’s piece of land. Due to the disputes arising from party walls, it leads to the enactment of an Act under the law of property act, 1925.

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